Mission Jamaica Day 14 – July 31st

Well, it’s here. Today’s the last day in Jamaica. In some ways it feels like I just got here.

Cassandra, Rupert, and Norda joined us for our last breakfast. We had porridge, mackerel, grapefruit, and dumplings. The mackerel was spicy, tender, and flaky. The peppers and onions added sweetness and savor. I loved the porridge. It was thick, creamy, and sweet. I cleaned the plate with the dumplings as well as tried some flavor combinations. The best one was half a dumpling, topped with porridge and grapefruit. The flavor was well balanced. The mackerel, grapefruit, and dumpling wasn’t as successful. The sourness of the grapefruit was overpowering. A dash of sugar would help to offset it. In all everything was awesome. I will miss Mother Cooper, Sister Betty, and their cooking. They gave me alot of inspiration for my own cooking.


After breakfast we packed up our things and did a perimeter check to ensure nothing was forgotten. I had to rearrange everything in my suitcase so my gifts wouldn’t get damaged.

My new fedora
My new fedora

For lunch we had stewed chicken, rice, and macaroni salad. The macaroni salad was light and slightly sweet, different from other salads I’ve had that tend to be heavier with alot of mayonnaise. The chicken was tender, juicy, and well seasoned with a savory gravy. There was some sweetness from the carrots and the rice grave a great textural element.


We loaded up the van, said are goodbyes, and it was off to the airport. Arden drove us and Norda rode with us. I’m going to miss this place and all the people we met.


We got checked in at the airport and found out our flight was running late. We got some dinner. I went to Wendy’s and it was wonderful having American food again.

I helped Terri with her bags and I got to sit next to her on the plane. I learned that Terri deserves her own special on Comedy Central or at least her own YouTube show. She had me in stitches with her commentary regarding the flight attendant’s safety demonstrations and the various passengers. I always knew she had a great sense of humor, but now I got the full effect. It made the trip home that much more enjoyable. We got to New York City at 11:30, loaded up the vans and made the two hour journey back home.

I loved everything about this trip: the setting, the new people, the experiences, and the food. Most of all, I love this team. We’ve become much closer and there is much that I can say about each individual.

Pastor Don has a message to tell. I’ve learned from him that it doesn’t matter what your past entails. God has renewed us through the blood of Jesus and now it’s all about our life in him. Don is a living, breathing testimony of that message and he’s very inspiring. He’s helped me to move outside myself and allow God to use me.


X is passionate about people. I’ve seen that in all the stories he’s told about his adventures around the world and in all his messages. He’s a hard worker in everything he does, but insists on having time to play and party, which is something I’ll do more often.


Rebeka doesn’t have a vibrate option, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Her laugh was one of the highlights on this trip and so was her selfie stick. I appreciate the way she opened up and told her testimony. It encouraged me to tell mine.


Debbie is motherly, down to earth, and has a gentle spirit. She’s passionate about children and I saw that in her interactions with the VBS kids and her making jewelry for them. I believe Pastor Codling when he said God is going to open doors for her.


I can probably speak for everyone when I say Cody is the little brother we wish we had. Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good and he says things that would earn him a headlock. However, he’s a gentle giant with a soul to match and the kids always run to him. He’s also provided alot of laugh-out-loud moments.


I didn’t know much about Terri before the trip but I’ve come to see her as an incredible work horse. She tirelessly put together a curriculum for both VBS sessions. She’s a wonderful teacher, awesomely resourceful, incredibly funny, and had so many ideas that I can glean from.


Rachel is very personal and kind. She was amazing with teaching VBS and I loved watching her work during ministry time after the sermons. Her praying over people has impacted other areas, including her discernment and her growth in boldness.


Fred can be described in one word: hunnaaayy. It was a word he used for Rebeka, but it says so much more about him. He’s humorous, energetic, caring, and born for adventure. When combined with X, he’s a force to be reckoned with. This trip was made for him and it brought out his best.


Last, but most certainly not least, Marissa reminds me of Melissa McCarthy. She has her funny, entertaining, playful nature and then her loving-kindness that she exibited during VBS and ministry time. I loved seeing her face off with Cody and X. It was always YouTube worthy.


I can’t wait for the next trip to Jamaica.


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