Good morning, everyone! Happy Friday! Thank God today, not only for another week, but also for another day filled with new blessings and mercies. One of those includes the amazing sunshine. I hope you all have a chance to enjoy it today, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Speaking of being out in the sun, I was looking for an article to post about sun exposure and I found one that had amazing information about the melanin in our skins and how it protects us from UV rays.

Even with this information, please exercise caution when out in the sun. Monitor how long you’re spending outside. I personally am not a supporter of tanning. I believe God made everyone fearfully and wonderfully, even if your borderline transparent. However, if you feel you must tan, I won’t look at you any different and will love you just the same.
Melanin – Umbrellas for Our Skin


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