Sunday Sermon Snack – Thursday

Good evening, everyone! Today was a great day. We finally got a good amount of rain and the fall weather is right around the corner. You know what that means. PSL season is almost here.

How about ending your day with a delicious sermon snack? Before Pastor Josh spoke for our second service, his wife Elaine had a prophetic word and it was powerful. Take this with you the rest of the week.

The enemy is not omnipresent like the Father is. The mind has the power to believe and not believe. The enemy has no access to our thoughts. Hell was create as his ultimate resting place for his disobedience. He can no longer touch God. The only pain he can read is if he takes [God’s] children. Two thirds of the angels are still at God’s disposal. God’s  will is that none would perish and that all would come to the father. Satan knows where he’s going. Don’t let anyone perish without them knowing who the father is.


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