Sunday Sermon Snack – Sunday

Good evening, everyone! Today was wonderful day and his was quite a weekend. Be sure to thank God today for his new blessings and mercies. He is so wonderful, altogether lovely, and deserving of all the praise.

Here’s a delectable sermon snack to get your week started courtesy of Mike Petzer, our guest preacher.

Christianity doesn’t happen alone. If you love Jesus you’ll love his body.

 If you see yourself as pure you will walk in the calling that you have. If you see yourself as broken it will not work. We can’t say over our lives what is contrary to God. We are more than conquerers. Christianity works in spite of all the pain and brokenness. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets. It’s as good as it gets in Jesus. We must call Jesus Lord over our lives and regard him as the strongest influence of our lives. Our brokenness doesn’t govern who we are. Grace is freedom from sin.

“We give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and the love which you have for all the saints;”
Colossians 1:3-4 NASB

Our hearts are cleansed by faith. No one’s heart is cleansed by anything else. If you start by faith, continue by faith. God loves you no matter what and he never gives up on you. He’s never changed his mind about you. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. Despite everything God gave up his only son and he will freely give us all things.


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