Sunday Sermon Snack

Good evening, everyone! It looks like another weekend had come and gone. I hope your October is off to a great start. I thank God for another day filled with his new blessings and mercies and I hope you thank him as well.

Let’s end this weekend with a delicious snack to take you into the new week. I have some great notes from last Sunday’s sermon courtesy of Pastor Don. File this under course one.
God still has a plan no matter what. God loves us and he wants us to love him back. There’s so much evil in the world because we aren’t stepping up and doing our part. We have to understand love from God’s perspective not a human perspective. It’s about sacrifice and commitment. We can influence the lives of others for Christ. We are an influence to others whether we like it or not. If we don’t influence the world, the world will influence you. We’re blind sometimes to another’s intentions. Your life should be a life of influence. God understood what he was getting when you came to him. It’s not about the mistakes you make. We all make mistakes except Jesus. He does and speaks what the father does. We live in a world full of noise. We miss the mark sometimes because we aren’t fine tuned into the voice of the Father. We must influence others for Christ each day.

Any man who is in Christ is a new creation. You have to be intentional about influencing other people’s lives. Your relationship with God must be first for everything else to be top notch. The cross is vertical first, then horizontal. You do things effectively out of a relationship with God. We need to see the value of one on one.


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