Extraordinary Health

Good afternoon, everyone! How’s your Tuesday? It’s a wonderful day here on the east coast. These Fall colors are so beautiful. It’s another one of God’s blessings and mercies that he allowed me to see today. I’m thankful for him today and that he created all this beauty for us to enjoy. Take time this week to get a nice long look at all he’s made.

Today I have not one, but four mini articles for your reading pleasure. They are part of an e-newsletter called Extraordinary Health. I read it every week and I encourage you to subscribe. First up they have an article on eye health, which will be beneficial as we get on in years. Next up, for all the dog owners, are some exercise to keep you and your pet healthy. For the expectant mothers, there’s one on pesticides and how they can effect your pregnancy. Last but not least, unleash your inner Emeril (or your inner Julia) with some great breakfast recipes.

I hope you check this out. You’ll be glad you did.
Extraordinary Health


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