HEAD Meals: PVC Bake

Good evening, everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you’re doing well as we enter into thw final week of October. It’s been quite a month. Each day has been filled with God’s blessings and mercies which are new each morning. Great is his faithfulness! As we transition into November, always remember to thanks to him each day.

Today I present to you a HEAD Meal. What’s a HEAD meal, you ask? It’s a meal that’s Healthy, Easy, Affordable, and Delicious. This meals combines protein, vegetables, and carbs in a perfect blend. The whole family can get involved with cooking this meal. It will be on the table in under half an hour and cost you less than $10.
This is Penne Veggie Chicken Bake, PVC Bake for short.

I cooked whole wheat penne pasta to just shy of al dente.

In a skillet I cooked the vegetables for about seven minutes. I seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder. I then added the chicken with an extra pinch of salt and pepper.

I drained the pasta and folded in the veggies and chicken. The sauce was next followed by…..you guessed it. A seasoning check. Nothing extra was needed, but remember to always season to YOUR taste.
I poured the mixture into a pan and topped it off with mozzarella cheese.
It went into a 400 degree oven. Leave it in until the cheese is melted, 5-10 minutes.

I hope you will try this. Make every meal a HEAD Meal.


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