Exercise and Alzheimer’s

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s a Tuesday and the week is going great. I’m thankful to God for everything he is. He is so full of compassion and mercy and provided amazing new blessings and mercies for me to partake. If you’re reading this right now, I know he did the same for you. Take a moment to thank him.

Last week my friend, Matt, who’s pushing 50, comment on how old he felt. In an attempt to cheer him up and provide some light humor I told him 50s are the new 20s. I was swiftly reminded by X that we will not be young forever and that 50 is pretty old. I must say, X has a point. As much as we don’t want to admit it sometimes, the clock is ticking and we’re getting older. I’m growing out my beard and, this morning, it occurred to me that I have more than one “platinum” hair. Well, one thing’s for certain. In nine years I’ll be 40, so I’m going to savor each moment (and invest in black sharpies).

I’m also going to make sure that my health is top notch so I can enjoy my later years, which brings me to this week’s health article. My friend Michelle share with me an article about the effect of exercise on individuals with Alzheimer’s. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did and make one step toward better health.

The Effects of Exercise on Alzheimer’s Disease


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