Sunday Sermon Snack – Saturday Part 2

Good evening, everyone! I’m back to give you second helping. This is part of Josh’s sermon from last Sunday.
We’re in a battle of good against evil. We must be aware of it. It’s reality and we mustn’t get disillusioned by the bumps in the roads. There’s a ruler out there who is not on our side. He’s the prince and power of the air.

If God can change an individual, imagine what he can do for a whole city. We can’t just wait for someone else. We must use the wisdom God has given us to solve the issues of our heart. You must go by faith. There’s a conflict to keep you from finding your purpose. You wear armor because you need protection.

The seed was tainted in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned. We all have selfishness. We can allow ourselves to be led away from the simplicity of the gospel. Kids don’t know what they need. Parents do. We’re in the mess that we’re in because we believe we don’t need God.

Kids are told at a young age to take care of themselves. Adam was robbed of the simplicity of the gospel. We can’t afford to be picky eaters. Peace comes from war not because you ask for it. A big group hug is not what we need. War is an essential necessity. If we don’t wear the armor, the fiery darts will impact our lives. The guns aren’t the issue, it’s the evil in the person’s heart. War is not the issue, it’s the enemy.

Invest yourself in doing good and being a witness. We can’t think small of ourselves. The issue of good and evil has been around since the beginning. We have to believe what’s true. We signed up for the battle and we can’t pretend their no battle.


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