A Morning Routine

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Tuesday and it’s a beautiful day here in the Hudson Valley. I’m thankful to God for his new blessings and mercies today. Take time to count them. I’m certain they will outnumber the grains of sand on the seashore. God is that good.

I have an amazing article for you to read on this glorious Tip Tuesday. It’s by John Sifferman. (I’m a fan. Can you tell?) It’s the first in a series about building a better body and it talks about developing a morning routine to start your day.

The way your day starts can set the tone for the rest of day, which is why a morning routune is important. He has a list of different things anyone can do, whether or not you’re a morning person. Take some time to gradually incorporate these steps into your morning. If you already have a routine, consider freshening it up with something new, like journaling and box breathing. I was inspired to make some changes and I hope you will be, too. Remember, all it takes is one step to make a change that will impact your life for the better.

Your New Morning Fitness Routine


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