Sunday Sermon Snack – Saturday

Good evening, everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and that you didn’t eat too much. Keep that thankfulness attitude with you as we transition into the Christmas season. God has been so good and provides new blessing and mercies each morning. I’m grateful for all that he’s doing.

It’s time for a delicious sermon snack. It’s light, but filling and it won’t go to your hips.

The dark area we go through has to change. Tomorrow is changeable. Whatever the challenges are we can overcome. We can have spiritual amnesia and forget how good God is and how evil the enemy is. We must let our spirit enter into the light. We are in a battle and we must be ready to fight. Whatever you’re up against there’s a victory that was won for you. Everyone who believes has a place.

If we’re going to sow, we will reap. If you don’t extend your faith to the gospel of Jesus Christ, you won’t reap anything. Not sowing is the greatest detriment to the church. It’s more simple than we make it to be. Focus on what you know. God’s word is secure and sound and produces freedom. Allow yourself to sow. Every seed produces after its own kind. Sow in the areas you are lacking in. We can’t get tangled up in self significance. Because of how he created this world, we can trust him for each of our needs.

What kind of life would it be if we could see everything moment by moment? God loved us enough to send his son for us. Things change when we focus on what’s to come. God’s been planning a banquet for us. God’s word is all we need. Step back and let God be God. Sometimes the busyness can keep us from seeing what God wants us to do. What if God is giving us opportunities to be a light to those that are in darkness? God gave us light so we can share it with someone else. We must be hungry for God’s word and make ourselves available to receive it. We can’t be so busy that we forget to eat. God’s word sustains and satisfies us.


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