A Simple Holiday Meal

Good evening, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was very blessed. I got the chance to spend alot of time with family over food, fun, and fellowship. I also heard some amazing sermons. I’ll tell you more about those later in the week. It was such a wonderful time and I’m thankful to God for his new blessings and mercies each day. I’m grateful for all that he is and how he has blessed me.

It’s getting closer to Christmas and some of you might be thinking about the bid holiday dinner. Well, allow me to offer a suggestion. One of my favorite chefs on the Food Network is Claire Robinson. She has a show and cookbook called 5 Ingredient Fix. She makes all these amazing dishes with just five ingredients or less. I have some recipes and videos for a holiday meal she made. It includes Cornish hens au vin, carrot and celery root puree, and stone fruit chutney. It looks amazing and I’ll have to take this one to lab and then show my result. I hope it inspires you.

5 Ingredient Fix – Holiday Meal


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