Tip Tuesday : Expert Advice on Healthy Eating

Good evening. everyone! I hope your week is going well. This was a beautiful Tuesday and a warm one at that. It looks like El Nino is visiting for a while. The weather we get, even if it’s not what we want, is another one of God’s blessings and mercies on each new day. Bask in it, except maybe if it rain. However, jumping in puddles is pretty fun.

I have a great article for you on this Tip Tuesday. The holidays os a time of gathering with the people you love and, in most cases, eating a meal. It’s easy to put on a few extra pounds this time of year, as I’ve learned over the years. That’s why today’s article includes advice from several nutritionists on how to eat healthier this season. I have a feeling you’ll find this very helpful. I know I did and I will take these tips into the new year.

Holiday Healthy Eating Tips


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