Tip Tuesday : Spinach

Good afternoon, everyone! How was your day? We got some snow here on the east coast. How ironic, considering the groundhog didn’t see his shadow. Oh, well. He’s only 37% accurate anyway. I will out all my in God. His word and promises are always true. I’m thankful for all that he is and for supplying the amazing blessing and mercies I experienced today.


Spinach is an amazing food. This leafy green is packed with the following: calcium for bone health, Vitamin A for immune system maintenance and good vision, Folate or Vitamin B9 for producing red blood cells, Vitamin C for antioxidants and enzymes, and Vitamin K blood coagulation, meaning a clot will form if you cut yourself. No wonder this was Popeye’s go to food.

Here are 20 different recipes to get more spinach into your diet. I have a feeling you’ll love these. There’s breakfast dishes, salads, and even meatballs!

20 Spinach Recipes


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