Sweet Potato Toast

Good evening, everyone! Happy Monday! We are now in the month of April. It is said that April showers bring May flowers. What if instead of rain you get snow? That’s what happened today. I feel as though the northeast got all four seasons in one week. Despite this, I know the weather could have been worse, so I choose to thank God for his blessings and mercies today. I’m sure somebody was happy that they got an extra day to do their homework.

Anyway, today is all about the new recipe. This is a paleo recipe courtesy of the Whole 30, a thirty day health challenge that requires you to cut carbs, dairy, and sugar from your diet. This is a little out of my comfort zone, but I thought I’d try it out. I found a cool breakfast recipe I want to try for tomorrow morning. It’s called Sweet Potato Toast. You slice up a sweet potato, bake it in the oven, toast it on broil, and add your toppings. It looks very simple, yet creative and sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I think I’ll have fun with this. Maybe you can too.

Sweet Potato “Toasts” From @PaleoPaparazzi


Sweet Potato

Your choice of toppings, including:
Pepper slices
Avocado slices
Tomato slices
Whole30-compliant Smoked Salmon (be sure to check your labels)
Cucumber slices
Whole30-compliant Sausage (be sure to check your labels)


PREHEAT oven to 400. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

SLICE sweet potato into 1/4″ an inch slices (a mandolin slicer helps to make uniform slices). Coat both sides of sweet potato with oil and lightly sprinkle with salt.

COOK for 30 minutes, flipping after 20 minutes.

SET oven to broil and continue to cook for one minute on each side, until toasty.

TOP with your favorite combinations of ingredients listed above.

– See more at: http://whole30.com/2016/01/best-of-whole30-recipes-egg-less-breakfasts/#sthash.06Nf33rR.d


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