Tip Tuesday : The Impact Of Sugar Part 2


Good morning, everyone! We are now into Tuesday. May is beginning to fly by and the weather is so beautiful. I’m thankful for another day of God’s amazing blessings and mercies. I will take time to bask in them today.

It’s Tip Tuesday and I have something to show you. Two weeks ago I presented a picture on how sugar impacts the body (click here). I have another one on sugar this week and the facts will most likely shock you. I have taken a look at how much sugar I have been consuming and making a conscious effort to cut back. I’ve stopped using it in my tea and now I don’t need it anymore. I like the taste without it. I’m not saying go cold turkey but please be mindful of what goes into your body. We only have one and if want to stay around for as long as possible we have to take care of it and put the good things in it. Remeber, all it takes is one step to make a difference.



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