Tip Tuesday : The Impact of Sugar Part 3

Good afternoon, everyone! How are you on this glorious day? It’s hard to believe June is almost halfway over. Best of all, it’s almost officially summer. I hope you take time to enjoy all of God’s new blessings and mercies today. He’s so worthy and so wonderful and he knows how to give good gifts to his children.

On this Tip Tuesday, I want to add to my sugar series. Too much sugar is bad for you, as most of you know. The only thing worse than white sugar is aspartame, the artificial sweetener found in diet sodas and many other “sugar free” foods. It’s also in packets and used to sweeten drinks like coffee or tea. I have a diagram that shows the dangers of aspartame and the benefits of stevia, an all natural sweetener. Always remember to be mindful of what goes in our bodies. We only have one so we must take care of it to the best of our ability.



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