Mission Jamaica 2 – 7/9/16

​I woke up feeling well rested and refreshed, despite the fact that the nightclub down the street was blasting their music. I woke up to the sunrise and the cries of a rooster from a nearby farm. I read a few chapters in the book of Romans and went outside to exercise. I went for an hour. Barry is interested in doing it with me. That would be awesome. I could use a workout buddy while I’m here.

Mother Cooper made us calaloo and codfish, fried plantains, bread, and grapefruit. It was so good. The calaloo is similar to collard greens. They were salty, juicy, and savory with the cod.

Barry did a devotion for us this morning based on Exodus 20:18-21. One of things he talked about was fear. Moses was able to go further and receive the full presence of the Lord while the Israelite saw just the works of God. He then went to Psalm 103:1-12. Moses saw the acts up close and personal and found the nature of God and heart of God. It was very encouraging. I will put this into practice and go further with God while I’m here.

We then began working on our curriculum for the Vacation Bible School. We will be doing lessons on the fruit of the spirit. We have craft projects that go with each fruit and we tested them out to see how well they worked. It was awesome working with each other. We all have different gifts and talents and I enjoyed working with everyone.

Arden’s father came to pick us and we went to a beach called Bamboo Blu. It was a new place I’d never seen before. The water was blue, clear, and warm. I had a great time swimming in the Caribbean. Barry loaned me a pair of goggles. I floated facedown on the surface and took in all the action underwater. There was a reef near the beach and I saw fish and sea urchins. All I needed was for someone to start singing “Under The Sea” and the scene would be complete. While I was floating, I looked for treasure. I found a small, white shell that might have belong to a crab. I can’t wait to go back to find more shells. Don unfortunately couldn’t be with us. He was helping with a building project in St. Elizabeth. Cassandra and Norda joined us for our beach trip. I enjoyed hanging out with them. We even met up with Corey, a minister from a local church we visited last summer in Runaway Bay. It was wonderful seeing him again.

When we returned, Mother Cooper had our dinner prepared. We ate fried white fish with carrots and onions, rice, and cabbage with vegetables. The fish was well seasoned, tender, and flaky. The cabbage reminded me of my mom’s cabbage. I know she’d be happy to know I’m well taken care of while I’m away.

After lunch we met with several teachers who would assist us with Vacation Bible School. This included Carla, the pastor’s wife, and Sisters Melrose, Marie, and Precious. Christine explained our curriculum and we decided who would take which age group. There will be four classes: 0-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13+. I will have the 10-12 group with Isaiah and Sister Precious.

Afterwards we had leisure time. We used our phones to call home and share our videos and photos. I had alot. I also took time to read a book on my tablet. It’s called Wild At Heart by John Eldredge. I highly recommended it, particularly for guys. It’s been teaching me how to find my heart. The chapter I’m in is about the battles I face as a a Christian man. I have an enemy that wants nothing more than for me to never come into my full courage and strength. The things that Eldredge said have caused me to reflected on the things that I want God to do in my heart,  not just for here in Jamaica by when I return. I can already tell that I won’t be the same at the conclusion of this trip.


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