Mission Jamaica 2 – 7/12/16

​Day 5
Pastor Don left bright and early this morning to check on the building project in St. Elizabeth. The water wasn’t working still, but Miguel filled up a large drum so we could at least flush the toilet and take primitive showers, or the two-bottle special as Barry now calls it.

Breakfast was next and it included bread, fried dumplings, grapefruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, and my favorite, ackee and salt fish. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. This is the national dish of Jamaica. The ackee grows on a tree and has a similar consistency to eggs. It was salty and savory. The dumplings were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They paired well with the ackee and salt fish.

Today was the second day of VBS. We focused on the fruits of patience, kindness, and goodness. We had craft projects that went with each one. My students especially loved learning about kindness. They reenacted the story of The Good Samaritan. They were amazing. They loved making friendship bracelets. They were very receptive to all that we taught them. There were also more students than we had yesterday. At recess I took part in the Soccer Clinic. I enjoyed doing drills and learning to play soccer. I’ll have to invest in a soccer ball when I get home.

Mother Cooper made us beef, stew peas, and dumplings for dinner. It was savory and delicious, just like last year. She also made rice and cabbage with vegetables, which was very spicy. I love how we all sit around the table and eat. I don’t do that too often. We’ve all become a great family.

After dinner, Herman and I met up with Demario and we had a another jam session. Herman taught Demario how to play his violin. He’s a fast learner. We then took to the stage. I played my guitar, Demario played the drums, and Herman played the keyboard. We performed Good Good Father. We all sound perfect together. It was record-worthy.

Barry had another soccer clinic that afternoon at 4, but half an hour went by and no one had showed up yet. Demario and I decided to be his students. As we started doing drills more boys who had been at VBS showed up. We began playing Chicken and the Eggs. There were two teams: offense and defense. The offense had to kick the ball into an inner circle to knock over targets. Three targets were worth 1 point and 1 target was worth 5 points. The ypung men were very good players. More and more came over the next hour and a half including Miguel and Pastor Kori. Eventually we played a soccer game. That was pretty fun too, accept for the moment that the ball hit me below the belt. Man, did that hurt! I’ve never felt pain like that in my entire. However, I wanted to keep playing, so I took deep breaths and walked it off. I was fine within ten minutes, but I was much more careful with where the ball went. It was a great three hours. I’m really starting to like soccer.

We didn’t have a service tonight so we hung out and prepped for VBS tomorrow. We’ll also give away goody bags to all the students since it will be the last day. I’m thankful for all that God did today and will do through VBS. 


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