Mission Jamaica 2 – 7/13/16

​Day 6
The day started out with some exercises. I did my Training For Warriors workout that I learned in my bootcamp class. It consisted of many bodyweight exercises including planks, situps, pushups, and jumping jacks. That was the first half hour. The second half hour was practicing the drills and skills that I learned from Barry’s soccer clinic yesterday. I bounced the ball off my chest and practiced dribbling around cones. I had some trouble controlling the ball, but Barry came and helped me. He’s an awesome teacher.

Mother Cooper made us salt mackerel for breakfast along with green bananas, dumplings, bread, grapefruit, watermelon, and cantaloupe. The mackerel was salty and savory. It was almost like a dinner dish. The green bananas were starchy, like potatoes. They were similar to the green plantains. The grapefruit comes a tree in Mother Cooper’s yard. As you might of noticed the breakfasts here are fruit heavy and usually include fish and some kind of starch. It’s because Jamaicans are very hardworking. They only eat two meals a day. Their dinner is in the afternoon, when we would usually have a late lunch.

Today was our last day of VBS. We ended our lesson on the Fruit of the Spirit with faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It was amazing. The kids loved the lessons and the stories. My class particularly loved Daniel and the Lion’s Den, which we used for faithfulness. At the end of VBS, the team was invited to the stage and the kids sang for us. They were wonderful. Demario was the last to sing and he performed Good Good Father on my guitar. I taught him that song the other day and I felt so proud to hear him sing and play. He literally picked up the song after I played it for him only once. He has an incredible gift. We then handed out gift bags and juice packs to all the kids. They loved them. Even the teachers got some. It felt awesome to bless them. We had 65 kids and a handful of them gave their lives the Lord. That was the highlight of the week.

For dinner we ate oxtail, rice, cabbage, green bananas, and pumpkin. The oxtail was dynamite. It was falling-off-the-bone tender with an amazing gravy. It was one of those moments that made your toes curl. The bananas were cut up instead of whole and mixed with mayonnaise and pepper. It was sooooo good. My pleasure center was overly fulfilled.

After dinner we did some prep work for our evangelism for tomorrow. We’re going to hand out rice, beans, and sardines to families that are less fortunate. We filled up plastic bags with beans and rice and made enough to bless 66 families. Miguel and Norda helped us out. I loved working together with everyone. I can’t wait to bless all these families.

Norda took me, Barry, Herman and Isaiah on a brief tour of all the different trees that grow on the street. The church property has a cocoa bean tree and a breadfruit tree. Across the street were banana trees, ackee trees, and ganep trees. It’s amazing how so much food grows right in someone’s yard. It’s like nature farming. 

Norda taught me about Jamaica’s climate. The seasons sort of run together and it’s hard to tell when one ends and another begins. The way to tell when seasons are is by the ripening of the fruits that grow. The winter isn’t too cold but it sometimes requires a sweater. That surprised me. I didn’t think Jamaicans knew what sweaters were.

That night Pastor Don preach a dynamic sermon. It was so amazing. He focus on how the church needs to grow into maturity. Since we, the individuals are the church, that means we have to grow in the Lord and fulfill our responsibility of growing in the grace of Jesus. We need to know God’s word for ourselves and let it be the final authority in our lives. One thing that especially spoken to me was remembering that God isn’t through with us yet and there is no plateau in God. He talked about having goals and it made me examine my life. I’m going to take these things he said and apply them, particularly praying one the scriptures he used over my life.

Show me Your ways, O Lord ; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day.
Psalms 25:4‭-‬5 NKJV

Tonight was also a special night. He ran and Barry got up to speak about their experience in Jamaica so far. There was also a presentation of gifts to Christine, Susie, and Emily since they are leaving on Friday.

After service, our friend Clarke gave us a latenight snack. He works at a place called Juici Patty and they make hot, fresh, authentic Jamaican patties. They were on fleek. I know my mom would love these.

Omar came back into town and he spent some time with me, Barry, and Isaiah. He’s has an amazing heart for God and for ministry and he’s very genuine and funny. It was awesome having fellowship with him and just hanging out together. It was a time to open up to them about my testimony. I enjoyed being able to show more of myself to them.


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