Mission Jamaica 2 – 7/14/16

​Day 7
I woke up early again today. I was thinking about Don’s sermon from last night and started going over my budget so I can improve my finances. Omar shared with us last night a plan that he had for his ministry and I was inspired. Today is the day I move forward trusting God with what he has for me and believing that he will show me his will for my life.

Mother Cooper made calaloo and salt fish again along with bread, and fried plantains–green and ripe. There were also watermelon, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and mangos. The mangos were small but packed a huge punch in flavor. They were juicy and sweet and tasted better than the ones in the US.

Right after breakfast, Arden came to drive us to the beach. He came with a larger bus than he usually drives and it was awesome. It was like an upgrade. Best of all it was spacious and I had plenty of leg room.

Before going to the beach we went to a nearby flea market. Since Christine, Susie, and Emily are leaving tomorrow, we wanted to give them a chance to get gifts and souvenirs to take home. I looked for a few gifts myself. Susie got her hair braided and it looked amazing. The woman who braided it, offered to braid my beard, but I didn’t take her up on it. Maybe next time.

Ocho Rios Beach was pretty amazing. We came here last year. The water was so beautiful. I enjoyed swimming and floating on the surface. I used Barry’s goggles to scope out marine life. There wasn’t much to see, except minnows and seaweed. It would be awesome if they made prescription goggles. Then I could really see under water. I was hoping to find more treasures but I came up empty. That is until I came out the water and saw a seashell on the seashore. (Queue the rimshot.) Herman, Isaiah, and I got caught up in a water fight with a group of boys visiting from Manchester. It was fun. I never do anything like this at home. Herman can definitely make friends with strangers. So can Barry. He played soccer with some young men and then gave impromptu swimming lessons. He is multifaceted. After the beach we had to wait for Arden. While we waited we walk around a little more and got some ice cream. The flavor I got was called apple vodka. I’m not making this up. Fortunately it didn’t make me tipsy.

Mother Cooper threw down an amazing dinner. She made curry chicken, curry pork, rice, and cabbage with vegetables. OMG!! It was delectable. That curry was out of this world. I never had curry pork before. I would eat it again in a heartbeat.

Later it was time for the big moment. Pastor Coke and Deacon Michael from Shaw Park Heights Church came to pick us up and the rice, beans, and sardines. We went over to Shaw Park, and handed out the food to needy families. It was amazing. Nearly all the families we spoke to were open to receiving the food and us ministering to their needs. The we took prayer requests, most asked for financial miracles and reconciliation within their families. We met some amazing people. We met a couple of small children who climbed the mango tree in their front yard to grab us mangos. It was amazing to watch them climb 30 feet high. We saw an older lady who was very blessed by our presence. She lived in a shack that was next to a house her late husband never got to complete. Pastor Don promised to fix up her house for her on the next trip. That will be awesome to be apart of. I met a young man who was sick because of someone’s use of witchcraft. We prayed over him and declared healing and freedom. Those were just some of the stories. It was pretty amazing what I witnessed. This will cause quite an impact on the church. One of things that struck me was the fact that the people in this neighborhood could get by on so little. Some houses were just the size of a living room and had several beds and a stove along with am outhouse and no running water. Some houses had multiple families living in them. It made me think of how I’m living and see God’s blessing working in my life. Maybe I have been blessed with a lot so that I can give it to someone else.


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