Mission Jamaica 2 – 7/15/16

​Day 8
Today I woke feeling well rested and refreshed from yesterday. I spent time reading Galatians this morning and then it was time for my morning workout. Barry joined me and I taught him the Training For Warriors workout. It was pretty intense but he made it through and lived to tell about it. Afterwards we went to the field and did a mini soccer clinic. I’m getting good at dribbling. We ended with jogging around the field. I enjoyed it very much and best of all I didn’t have to worry about dogs chasing us. These workout sessions in Jamaica have been amazing.

We had our last breakfast all together. Mother Cooper made porridge again along with bread, grapefruit, pineapple, and macaroni mixed with cornbread hash.  Everything was so amazing. It’s going to be different without Emily, Christine, and Susie. They each brought so much to the team.

With the girls leaving the room arrangements got switched up. Rachel moved to the house. Barry and Isaiah moved to the room next to mine.Herman moved from the house to my room.

Arden came to pick us up with the party bus. We drove back to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and said our goodbyes to Emily, Christine, and Susie. I’m going to miss them.

The rest of us went to wait for the next wave of our team to come. After about twenty minutes, we welcomed Bill, Shannon, Brian, Brian’s wife Jenn, and their three children, Mike, Hailey, and Andrew. This will be a whole new dynamic. For Isaiah it will mean having kids his age to hang out with. For us in general, it will mean a team of thirteen. It will be interesting to see how ministry will go.

We came back to Colegate and got everyone settled into their rooms. Bill is rooming with Herman and me. Mike and Andrew will be rooming with Barry ana Isaiah. The rest moved into the house. Bill and Brian came with lots of tools for the construction. They do this kind ofnwork regularly and are both pumped for it.

Mother Cooper welcomed us with an awesome dinner consisting of curry chicken, rice, and cabbage with vegetables. Since we were now a group of thirteen we could no longer eat dinner in the Clarke family’s dining room. We ate in the church’s mess hall. After dinner Pastor Don, with help from Andrew, unveiled a new banner that said “King’s Fire Jamaica”. Now it’s official. Everyone will know where we’re from and that we’re representing Jesus Christ.

After some down time, we went to the church for their youth night. A young woman named Yannique led us in worship. Then we played some games starting with two rounds of Musical Chairs. Then Shannon led us in the next game Jesus Says, which Isaiah won. Then we had a word game. It was two teams, boys versus girls. Shannon, Brian, and I took part in it and the boys won. Barry brought an awesome word on authority using David and Jesus as examples. David is a man under authority who accepts the authority from the Lord. When we understand authority we aren’t afraid. Understanding authority helps you serve. If you don’t submit to authority you’ll never get authority. It was pretty awesome. There was so much truth on it. There were different things that I wanted to take away from it. It was another moment of looking at how to be stronger in the Lord and the ways that I can improve in different areas of my life.


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