Mission Jamaica 2 – 7/16/16

​Day 9

Today I woke up feeling refreshed. The club nearby was blasting their music again, but some how I managed to sleep through it. My first night with Herman and Bill went pretty well. Thankfully they don’t snore. Well, Herman snores a little but it’s enough to wake himself up and then he stops. I couldn’t stop thinking about Barry’s words at the youth meeting. I’m thankful for all these messages. There are changes going on inside of me and I’m thankful for all that will be worked out. I have a feeling this second week will be epic.

I must be honest. The change in the team for this second week had me feeling all these different emotions that I felt at the start of the trip. It was that fear of being overshadowed and becoming a shrinking violet. In addition to Barry’s message I also thought of the message on fear that I gave as a devotional last week. Maybe this is what Don meant when he said that message would come in handy later. I will rebuke the fear and replace it with faith. I refuse to continue the trip with this heaviness. It’s like what Don said. I must lay aside every weight.

Don, Bill, Brian, Jenn, Hailey, Andrew, and Mike left early to do construction work this morning. The rest of us stayed behind so we could work on the curriculum for VBS this week. Before we did that we had breakfast. Mother Cooper and Sister Betty served frank and beans, fried ripe plantains, bread, salt mackerel, grapefruit, and watermelon. It was delicious. The frank and beans and mackerel were spicy today. It provided a nice kick. I used the bread to sop up those glorious juices. It was an amazing experience.

After we ate, we got down to business. Norda and Cassandra came by to help us. We’re doing two day VBS sessions at Shaw Park Heights and Union. With a short time frame we had to figure how to get nine fruits of the spirit in. Instead of individual stories for each fruit, we’re going to double up one story for two fruits, at least for the first six fruits. Thankfully we have enough materials for everything. Now it’s just a matter of blocking the lessons to fit into each day’s time frame. These groups of kids will be smaller than Colegate, but it will still be very interactive and engaging. I’m feeling very confident about how things will go this week. I’m thankful for how Christine’s help will carry over this week. I also noticed that the heaviness I felt before had now lifted. Thank you Jesus for your word.

Soon the rest of the group came back. They had a great time working and were very pumped about the progress they made. Don showed us pictures of the new King’s Fire Missionary House. It was so epic. I can’t wait to see it in person. 

We got ready to go to the beach. Before we left Mother Cooper and Norda served us dinner. We had fried white fish, pumpkin rice, cole slaw, and vegetables. Everything was delectable. I really liked the pumpkin rice. I had a rich taste and texture to it. The fish was flaky, juicy and succulent.

We all went to Ocho Rios Beach. When we got there, a church was doing baptisms. It was cool to see different people, young and old, give an outward expression of a personal decision to follow Jesus. We all got in the water. It was a little murky today. I think it was do to an excess of seaweed that covered the bottom. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to see besides the seaweed. I enjoyed swimming and floating anyway. Brian brought a football into the water and we threw it around for a while. We soon stopped because it was hard to stand with all the seaweed. There was also a sea urchin that Herman stepped on. Its hard to say how bad it is at this point, but a few spike did penatrate. Brian and Jenn rented a volleyball and a several of us played for a while. I’m not that good at volleyball so I focused on finding treasure. I came across seven seashells in the sand. This is my biggest score yet. Afterwards I just sat and took in my surroundings. It was relaxing to just sit, especially considering I haven’t taken time off in a year. My schedule is usually very busy. For once I could just slow down for a moment.

We didn’t have a service tonight so we had an opportunity to rest for our upcoming week. Don informed us that VBS would be pushed back to Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday will be a construction day and he need all hands on deck, namely the guys. If it’s anything like we did last year, it will be exciting.


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