Mission Jamaica 2 -7/18/16

​Day 11
Today I woke up bright and early at 5:00. It was going to be a work day at Albion Mountain. Don needed all hands on deck. Herman and Isaiah stayed behind because both needed to see doctors, Herman for his foot and Isaiah for his fever. Barry and Rachel stayed also.

Albion Mountain was an hour away from Ocho Rios. We drove along the northern coast and then went up into the mountains. We were going to help with the construction of a local church. The neighborhood was similar to Shaw Park Heights and so was the church. It was made out of concrete, cinder blocks, and rebarb. The roof only covered a third of the building. A second third of the roof was made of plywood with large bamboo underneath for support. We were going to mix concrete using cement, water, dirt, and rocks. The process was similar to the construction last year, except there was no dragging a wheelbarrow up and down a steep, rocky hill to retrieve supplies. The kids, Shannon, and I filled up five gallon buckets of rocks and dirt to hand off to Brian. He and another worker placed them in a mixer along with the water and bags of cement. When the concrete was ready, it was placed in five gallon buckets and taken to the roof via an assembly line. Don and Jenn helped fill up and pass buckets of concrete and Bill helped the wotkers in the roof. Even though I didn’t have to push a wheelbarrow, shoveling in the hot sun was quite a workout. I kept thinking about Barry’s message of endurance from last night and kept telling myself the finish line was getting closer by the minute. After a few hours we took a break and partook in bread and stewed chicken. It was very good and, considering I didn’t eat anything except trailmix, it was much appreciated. After we ate, it was back to work. More shoveling, more mixing, more carrying buckets. The fatigue was getting to me but I just stayed focus on our end goal, even though it seemed to take forever. Eventually we were all done. This was harder work than I did last year, but it felt awesome to help the community. All throughout the day, about thirty people young and old came to help out. Iy was a sight to see. After we finished it was time for the prize: lettuce, curry chicken, and rice and peas. I don’t know what it is but food always taste the best after a hard day’s work.

When we got back to Colegate we all took showers. It felt amazing to get cleaned up. I felt like a new man. I did some laundry. There are no machines here so we have to do it the old fashion way: wash it by hand and hang it up on a line. That’s the mission field for you. Mother Cooper had food left over from lunch and offered it to us, but only Bill and I partook. We had curry pork, rice, cabbage, and vegetables. Mm-mm-mmm. That pork was on fleek, tender and spicy.

That night there was a prayer meeting at the church. Sister Keisha led it with Rupert and few other congregants. Bill, Herman, Barry, and I were the only ones that attended. We spent time singing hymns and praying over different areas including children, ministry, and government. Afterwards Keisha brought a word about abiding in the ship. If we abide in the ship, or within God, we shall be saved. We will face challenges and trials, but we must hold on to God’s unchanging hand. When we were leaving, Evangelist Saunders asked if she could play my guitar. I obliged as always, and was entertained by her amazing skills. She has such a beautiful voice. Rupert told me she’s one of Demario’s relatives. Now I see why he’s so gifted. 

I have a feeling I’m going to sleep really good tonight.


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