Mission Jamaica 2 -7/19/16

​Day 12
Today I woke up feeling a little sore from all the work I did yesterday. However I still managed to get my morning workout in. Barry and Shannon were tired, so it was just me. It was a little different doing it by myself but I needed to maintain my consistency. It looks like my soccer skills are getting better. I’m having better control over the ball while I’m dribbling.

Mother Cooper and Sister Betty served us porridge today along with macaroni, cornbeef hash, bread, and grapefruit. The porridge is always a crowd favorite. All the first timers loved it. This is another dish I want to recreate.

Today we had a choice of going to the beach. At first I was going to go but I then I decided to stay behind. Bill, Herman, and Barry all opted to skip the beach as well. Pastor Don spent the morning in Shaw Park. Norda spent time with us. She took us on a grand tour of Colegate. It was pretty fun. We went up the road from the church. We came across Keisha and she joined us. We went down a side road where Norda lives. We got to talk to several of her neighbors. They were all very friendly. We met several of Norda’s family members including her grandmother. She showed us the colanut trees that grow in her front yard. She got one down for us. I never saw one before. It had a green covering with several nuts on the inside.

We continued on our journey. I’ve been noticing there are a lot of small convenient stores all over the place. It looks like small businesses are popular here. When we got to the end of the road, we saw Sister Precious. Not far from her house is a jelly tree. Jellies are a form of coconut. Herman managed to use his waterbottle to knock a couple down. Sister Precious used a kutless to open the coconut. First we drank the water inside. It was very refreshing. Then she opened up the coconut so we could eat the meat, or jelly, inside. That was very good too. It had a nuttiness and a slight sweetness. This was the highlight of our walk. I’m so glad I did this instead of going to the beach.

Soon it was time for dinner and Mother Cooper and Sister Betty had quite a spread for us. They served stewed beef with dumplings, rice, vegetables, pumpkin, yellow yams, and sweet potatoes. The yams were very dense while the sweet potatoes were more of the pumpkin consistency with an added sweetness. I loved the stew beef. It was dynamite.

Right after dinner it was time for VBS. The church we went to was Union AFB. Rachel, Barry, Herman, Isaiah, Bill, and I went with Pastor Walker. We took a shortcut on a road that resembled somethings you’d see on the Outback or a safari, or at least something that required an off road vehicle. It was very narrow with lots of grass, bushes, and trees. We were hoping the car didn’t bottom out and get a flat. Considering there were ten people in the car, we managed to make it out just fine. We got to see amazing views of the mountains, especially when we got to the church. It was at the top of a high hill. The building itself looked to be a work in progress, but it had all four walls and a roof. It was small, but quaint. 

There were about 20 children there from toddlers to teens. Since this was our only session, we talked about all nine fruits of the spirit. Rachel worked with the younger kids on the coloring pages while the rest of us alternated discussing each fruit. The process went very well. The kids loved our  theme song and the craft project. We made friendship bracelets and had a great time together. Things ended up going much better than I thought they would, but it was all too brief. I hope we get to see them again next year for a longer period of time. The highlight of the day was watching the older girls perform a praise dance to James Fortune’s I Trust You. They all danced so beautifully. 

To watch the praise dance click here.


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