Tip Tuesday : Too Much Sugar Part 4

Good afternoon, everyone! Happy Tuesday! I hope your day is going well. This will be a wonderful week. I thank God for his new blessings and mercies today. He is so wonderful and I thank him for all he’s done for me and all that he is.
Today I want to add to the too much sugar series. This past Saturday, my church hosted a men’s breakfast. It’s a time when all the men get together for food and fellowship. There is also a sermon. This time around a young man named Jamal spoke to us. He’s a nutritionist and he educated us on the importance of eating healthy and being mindful of what goes into our bodies. One thing that was very powerful was a visual that showed how much sugar is in the foods we eat. Take a look at this.

I used to be big on sports drink until I realized all the sugar that’s in them. I’m glad I gave them up. Water is really the best thing for you and you can always flavor it with things like lemon, orange, or mint. And then there’s chocolate cake. I think I can find an alternative. There’s also the things that kids eat regularly like apple juice, chocolate milk, and fruit snacks. That brings up one of the important things that came up. We as men need to take responsibility for what goes into our bodies so we can be an example for our families and lead them in a manner that’s pleasing to God.
I for one want to be an example. From now on my baking will be healthier with reduced sugar. I will also ensure my cooking provides perfect portions of all the food groups. 
Speaking of which there’s a helpful resource for all of you to look at call Choose My Plate. It educated on all the different food groups, gives recipes, shows how to shop on a budget and that’s just the beginning. There are additional reaources for parents, children, and college students. Don’t wait until New Years to start making changes. Don’t even wait until next week. Start today. All it takes is one step. It doesn’t have to be big. Just start moving toward change.


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