Tip Tuesday: Relief for Bloating


Good afternoon, everyone! How is everyone doing on this Tuesday? I hope you’re all enjoying the first week of March. What I love about March is that Spring is right around the corner. I’m ready for warmer weather, but until it comes, I thank God for another day. His blessings and mercies are new every morning and I’m grateful for all he’s done in my life.

For this Tip Tuesday, I have a great article to share with you. How many of you have every dealt with bloating? I have. That feeling of unrelieved pressure is not a good one. I read an article about five tips for relieving bloating and I think it’s worth the read. The more I’ve read about health the more I see the importance of listening to your body. Gut health can tell us so much about how are body is doing. Give this article a read and then share it with someone else. I know many more can benefit from it. Don’t make piece with the feeling of bloating. Do something about it today.

5 Tips to Combat Bloating


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