Transformation Tuesday: My Journey to a Better Body and a Healthy Life

Good afternoon everyone! How are you enjoying Spring? It’s still a little cold here on the east coast but I know things will warm up soon. I’m thankful for how God has blessed this day. His blessings and mercies are new each morning. He is so good and I’m grateful for him.

Today is usually Tip Tuesday but this week it’s Transformation Tuesday. I want to share my transformation.

At the end of last year I had gained some weight due to holiday eating. I gained nearly 10 pounds and weighed 195. I didn’t feel that great. I hadn’t been watching what I was eating. My schedule had gotten busy and it was hard to get to the gym. I felt awful because I love health and fitness and I wasn’t setting a good example. At the start of the new year I decided to get back on track. I’m an ambassador for a company called Plexus. They market health and wellness products for improving the gastrointestinal tract by stabilizing blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and lipid levels. This gives the body more energy and can lead to weight loss. The products had done wonders to relieve my constipation and strengthen my immune system. Plexus was having a promotion called the 60 Day Trim Up and I decided to get involved. Not only do I want to set a good example for others but I also have a new side job as a personal trainer and I wanted to look the part. For those reasons I knew it was time to get my body back in shape.

In addition to the Plexus products I tweaked my eating. I made sure my meals consisted of at least half a plate of vegetables. I replaced my desserts with more fruit. I cut out sugar and started using stevia. I also cut my carbs considerably. Nowadays I can’t go a day without my fruit.

I also did a workout everyday for at least an hour. Sometimes twice a day. This includes aerobic home workouts, strength training, and classes at the gym. I always workout first thing in the morning and sometimes after work too. I love that I get to give my joints a full range of motion and be active each day. I’ve come to realize how much of a blessing it is.

Earlier this month I reached the 60 day mark and weighed in at 173. That’s a 22 pound loss. I’ve maintained it since then. I feel amazing and energized each day.

Getting your body back in shape is possible no matter where you are in life. Make the decision today that you will make a step toward a new you. My health journey is still going and I encourage you to come with me. It would be awesome to do this together.


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